GOING BEYOND Trigger Point Seminars

1 Day Intensives and 2-Day Seminars

with Cathy Cohen in 4 Core Units

“3 Courses-in-1”

Unique in-depth training programs

Each one of the Hands-On CEU Workshops provides:
  1. Advanced Training in relaxing format
  2. Essential Self-Care Protocols
  3. Follow-Up Enrichment Program

Each Hands-On Training Workshop covers one Core Unit body area.

Students earn 16 CEUs for the 2-Day Seminar

Core Units may be taken in any order

One Day Intensives focus on a key problem area in depth & earn 8 CEUs

Download Complete Florida Seminar Brochure

all 1-Day Intensives and 2-Day Seminars

Each Hands-On Workshop & Seminar includes:

  • Profound & practical knowledge
  • Paced learning
  • Personal guidance
  • Hands-on practice
  • Content required for taking the National Certification Board Exam for Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

Unique Three-Courses-In-One format:

  1. You get hands-on advanced training in Trigger Point Therapy with abundant personal guidance & individual attention from Cathy Cohen over two days of carefully-paced learning.
  2. You receive thorough training and practice in essential Therapist Self-Care protocols.
  3. After the in-person, hands-on Going Beyond Trigger Point Seminar, you receive six weeks of online multimedia Follow-Up Enrichment to ensure retention and integration of your new knowledge and skills.

A New Approach to Chronic Low Back Pain

LOW BACK & HIP Core Unit

Beyond Trigger Point 2-Day Seminar: 16 CEUs $295

Saturday April 28: 9 am - 6 pm

Sunday April 29: 9 am - 6 pm

Ft.Myers, Florida Gulf Coast

Upgrade your “Therapist’s Toolkit” with new protocols to

relieve low back & hip pain & dysfunction

  • Design treatment protocols for the 8 most commonly affected muscles causing low back & hip pain
  • Teach your clients specific home correctives for low back & hip dysfunction
  • Distinguish & treat 3 varieties of sciatica
  • Measure & address hip height disparities
  • Easily restore a muscle’s normal resting position with an innovative,super-efficient protocol you can apply to any muscle
  • Identify the activation & perpetuating factors for common low back pain
  • Upgrade your skill set to a new level of professionalism in interdisciplinary medical settings, such as hospitals, Chiropractors’ & Doctors’ clinics, etc.

Treat low back & hip trigger points more efficiently & effectively

  • Easily resolve Psoas/Piriformis dysfunctions with an effective 5-Step treatment protocol
  • Locate the documented central & attachment trigger points for 8 muscles
  • Upgrade your structural evaluation skills
  • Learn to use less effort applying trigger point release, myofascial spreading & stretching techniques
  • Gain new assessment tools for identifying sacroiliac dysfunction, postural inequalities & Morton’s foot
  • Connect the dots between the client’s pain & biomechanical perpetuating factors affecting the gluteus medius, minimus & quadratus lumborum

Self-Care Feature in Every Workshop

“Stay healthy as you heal others”

Woven into every phase of the workshop are Self-Care Best Practices for correcting postural issues and maintaining practitioner wellness and comfort.

“If I could climb on top of the podium, there’s one thing I would holler to my students ‘til Im hoarse: ‘For a long and healthy career, take care of yourself first!’” Cathy Cohen

  • How to maintain good posture for minimum fatigue
  • Assess your personal injury risk factors
  • Techniques to establish balanced body mechanics
  • Self-Care for your precious hands

You’ll receive detailed personal guidance in all these Self-Care areas, along with helpful handouts and follow-up videos to reinforce your new knowledge and integrate it into your practice.

BONUS 6 Week CEU Program

6 Week Follow-Up Enrichment & Integration Series

included at no extra charge

Tired of workshop overload?

Do you routinely forget most of what you learn on a course?

Wish you could integrate the new techniques into your daily treatments?

Cathy Cohen’s innovative Going Beyond Trigger Point Seminar structure makes it easy to retain ALL of the tips, knowledge and protocols you learn on the weekend!

In addition to the 2 day 16 CEU Seminar with Cathy Cohen you get her online 6 Week Follow-Up & Enrichment Program.

You’ll receive access to Cathy’s paced, comprehensive Multi-Media Follow-Up Support for each 2 day course you take:

  • Audio & Video Refresher Series
  • Enrichment Materials
  • Client Handouts
  • Self-Care Guides

This Multimedia Enrichment & Support Program are included in your registration fee - no extra cost!


About Cathy Cohen, Trigger Point Therapy Master Teacher

Approved National CEU Educator NCBTMB #450949-09

Florida Board of Massage Therapy: 50-302

Cathy Cohen, LMT is a National and Florida approved CEU Provider and Board Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist. She provides live and online advanced massage-therapy continuing education for massage therapists.

Her leading-edge educational program, BeyondTriggerPoints.com,, is a resource used by therapists and healthcare providers nationwide. Cathy has personally trained over 2,500 therapists in advanced Trigger Point Therapy protocols. Cathy is also an avid dancer in Ballroom, Latin, West Coast Swing and Argentine Tango, a long-term Yoga enthusiast, and an experienced meditation practitioner.

Cathy’s deep insight into physical balance, structural alignment, and self-care comes through her own long experience in Yoga and dance, as well as through her formal education. Cathy trained with Dr. Janet Travell, the leading pioneer in myofascial pain syndromes and President Kennedy’s White House Physician, and with Nancy Shaw and George Kousaleos (CORE Structural Integration).

In her practice and her teaching, Cathy specializes in resolving chronic musculoskeletal pain and structural alignment issues and has developed protocols for identifying and resolving the factors that perpetuate clients’ pain and dysfunctions, including behavioral, biomechanical, postural and psychological factors.

Cathy’s in-depth 2-day Going Beyond Trigger Point Seminars provide therapists with the best possible advanced training in a paced format with extensive follow-up, reinforcement and enrichment.

I would like to say your class system is probably the most helpful thing I have learned as a massage therapist. The classes have given me the knowledge to go out and help my patients with pain complaints.All the posture work we do has been an enormous help. If anything, just to keep reinforcing in my mind what I need to do to maintain my own posture. Meg Sapp, LMT More testimonials and endorsements.

In 2015 Cathy co-created an innovative online video-coaching program, CarpalTunnelCoaching.com that has helped clients (including many massage and body work therapists!) to systematically resolve their hand and wrist issues.

With her 30 years experience teaching and motivating patients and students in clinical, classroom and online settings, Cathy is deeply dedicated to helping people improve the quality of their lives, and to assisting therapists in caring for their own bodies as they treat others.

I look forward to giving you the personal attention and individual coaching you need to develop your career as a highly skilled health care professional!





What more is covered in the new Going Beyond Trigger Point Seminars?


The two day Going Beyond Trigger Point Seminar is actually three courses in one:

  1. You get thorough hands-on training and paced, in-depth knowledge on Trigger Point Therapy in the techniques and their application in the specific body area Core Unit (e.g. Shoulders & Torso). This includes the content required for taking the National Certification Board Exam for Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy. You also receive abundant personal guidance and individual attention from Cathy. And of course, you receive 16 CEUs with this approved NCBTMB Continuing Education Course.
  2. You receive thorough training and practice in essential Therapist Self-Care protocols to make sure you enjoy a long and healthy career as a Trigger Point Therapist.
  3. After the in-person, hands-on Going Beyond Trigger Point Seminar, you’ll receive the six weeks Follow-Up & Enrichment Program with paced, comprehensive Multimedia Reinforcement for each 2-day course you take to ensure retention and integration of the new knowledge and skills.

So you receive a more thorough education in Trigger Point Therapy as applied to the Core Unit body area with this new format.


I have taken Seminars with Cathy before. Should I retake the Shoulder Core Unit in the new format?


Please see answer to the first question above.

If you have taken a two-day seminar with me in the past, you will find there is a lot of additional in-depth knowledge and training you will receive in the new format. Also please remember that you will receive a 6-week Follow Up & Enrichment Program that will be very helpful for reinforcing and enriching your knowledge and skill level


I am completely new to Trigger Point -- is this for experienced Trigger Point Therapists only?


The ONE DAY INTENSIVES are specially designed for therapists who are already familiar with the basics of Trigger Point Therapy, or who have attended at least one seminar with Cathy.

If you are new, I recommend that you get a much more thorough introduction to Trigger Point Therapy by taking any one of the 2-day Going Beyond Trigger Points Seminars.


Could you please explain what “Going Beyond”Trigger Point means?


The “Going Beyond” in the title means that you get enriched knowledge and experience.

In addition to the core material outlined by Dr. Travell for the body area Core Unit (such as low back or shoulders, etc.) you will receive personal guidance and coaching from me in the best practices for implementing this remarkable therapy. You’ll also get practical tips and timesaving protocols based on my 25 years experience as a Board Certified Trigger Point Therapist and Certified Continuing Education Provider. You will also learn essential Self-Care Protocols that are essential for ensuring your healthy and long career as a trigger point therapist. You will also receive a thorough follow-up program for 6 weeks following the seminars, which will enrich and reinforce the knowledge and skills you learned during the Going Beyond Trigger Point Seminar you attended.


Will these Going Beyond Trigger Point Seminars prepare me for the National Board Certification Exam?


Yes, the Going Beyond Trigger Point Seminars are designed to provide you with all the knowledge you need to prepare for the exam.

Of course, you need to put in the time to study and prepare for the exam. There is really no shortcut to mastering the material!


I am a newly graduated Massage Therapist but I am very interested in Trigger Point: Should I attend?


Yes, you don’t need to be a practicing Trigger Point Therapist to attend and benefit from the Seminar!

There are no prerequisites other than having a working knowledge of anatomy and a strong desire to upgrade your skills and learn new material. So if you are a serious student, then YES of course you can and should take one of these Seminars. They offer you the best possible training in Trigger Point Therapy and an excellent preparation for the National Board Exam. But if you are just looking to get some easy CEUs to fulfill a Continuing Education requirement, then this is not the workshop for you.


Can you recommend inexpensive nearby places to stay?


Once you register I can provide you with referrals to both traditional hotels and motels, as well as AirBnb hosts who are very close to the location where the seminar will be held.

There is a wide range of accommodations available, in all price ranges, and I am happy to point you in the right direction!


What is the best airport and/or airline to fly into Fort Myers?


The closest airport is Fort Myers airport but there is also an airport at Punta Gorda.

Allegiant Airlines flies into Punta Gorda and they often have very inexpensive fares from a number of cities. The advantage of Allegiant is that they fly directly into Punta Gorda, which is an hour away from Fort Myers. Whether you fly on Allegiant or any other airline the cheapest fares are generally midweek from Tuesday through Thursday. So I recommend that you fly in on Wednesday or latest Thursday morning, and then you can fly out on Tuesday or Wednesday the following week. This would give you a couple days to enjoy the beaches and attractions of Fort Myers.


I want to bring my family for a getaway -- are there activities to keep my kids and spouse busy (and happy!) while I attend the Seminar?


Fort Myers offers so much for both adults and young people, I wouldn't even know where to start!

There are many activities and attractions designed especially with kids in mind – the Manatee tours are fascinating, and there are all kinds of water sports. I suggest you look on the websites I've referenced in the PDF brochure you can download here Sanibel Island in particular is a real delight and even though I live here, it is a treat for me to go to the wonderful sandy beaches there. In addition there is a wide range of restaurants in all price ranges for both couples and families so it’ll be easy to find a suitable place to eat


Do I need to bring any materials or special clothes for your seminars in Florida?


Just the basics – but if you come to one of my Florida Seminars, Workshops or Intensives,

don’t forget your bathing suit and suntan lotion!

You should bring the following:

  • Your own sheets & face cradle cover
  • Massage oil, cocoa or shea butter
  • Loose clothing to easily expose the body region being studied
  • Casual and comfortable, loose clothing. For the hands-on sessions, men are requested to bring shorts or bathing suits. Women should bring shorts and halter tops.
  • Participants must be prepared to expose the body region of study during practice to enhance the overall learning experience.
  • Study guides if you completed the online lessons (Separate lab manuals will be provided)
  • A wrap or sweater
  • Identification and treatment of myofascial trigger points requires short fingernails.
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Tables will be provided


What about lunch?


Generally, we take one hour for lunch both in Florida and on-site at the massage schools. Often we will carpool to a healthy restaurant. However, feel free to bring your own lunch.
Note: Only water is allowed in the classrooms.


What can I do to get the most from a Beyond Trigger Point Seminar, Intensive or Workshop?


Yes! I invite you to join the “Honors Track” to get the most from your Seminar, whether for a One Day Intensive or the a 2-Day Seminar.

Download my FREE mp3 audio lesson "The Challenges of Treating Clients with Muscular Pain.
" Get instant access to this 47-minute introduction & 8-page study guide here.

And please plan to take full advantage of the 6-week Follow-Up Enrichment & Integration online program you will receive as part of any 2 day Seminar. You will retain and be better able to apply the knowledge and techniques you learn during your training weekend. (One-Day Intensive students get a special 4-week Follow-Up Program.)

You can access the complete current schedule of Cathy’s 1 and 2-Day Seminars here, both in Florida and around the country.

If you have any additional questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

Please feel free to email me: CathyCohen@BeyondTriggerPoints.com

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