Upper Torso & Shoulder Unit

This unit identifies problems of the shoulder joint and thoracic regions. Differentiating pain complaints from the varying myofascial trigger point referred pain patterns and impingement syndromes is highlighted. Restoring cervical alignment and reducing medial rotation of the shoulder is the structural goal.

Note: Module 1-4 is to be completed before the workshop. Each Module is a professional audio recording of a lecture with a study guide, a self correcting quiz and a complete transcript of the recording. Download the lectures onto your computer, an MP3 player or a CD. They are yours for a lifetime. Though not required, it is strongly recommended that students obtain Myofascial Pain & Dysfunction The Trigger Point Manual Vol 1&2 by Drs Travell and Simons.

Online lessons can be taken on their own or they can be combined with a hands-on workshops.

You will earn 4 CE hours for completion of each online unit and 15 CEUs for a 2 day workshop and 21 CEUs for a 3 day hands-on workshop.

Module 1

Rotator Cuff Muscles

Module 2

Pectoralis Major & Minor

Module 3

Latissimus Dorsi,
Teres Major, Rhomboids
& Serratus Posterior Superior

Module 4

Deltoids, Serratus Anterior,
Scalene, Diaphragm & Intercostals

*Cathy Cohen is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing educational provider (#450949-09). Also by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy (#50-302).