Chris Manion, LMT  
"Thanks again for the great workshop. I wanted to tell you that to my sheer joy (!!!) my sciatica and lower back pain completely went away and has been holding since our class! You know I had back surgery and have had sciatica type symptoms and the feeling of a "bag of rocks" on the lower back for a long time now. The treatments we learned on each other really helped me immensely and I cannot wait to help others."


Mary Lambrecht, LMT   
"Thanks so much Cathy, I really enjoyed all of your online courses and appreciate your attention to detail! I put the study guide and transcripts in separate binders for notes and interactive learning. I will certainly be reviewing them in the months to come until I can find the TrPs without reference. After taking all four units, I have a more comprehensive picture of how pain affects the body. I feel more confident addressing the root of their pain versus simply treating it."


Brian Sorbello, LMT   
"At first, I was afraid to deviate from my basic routine, but now I use these techniques in every session. As I see the positive results achieved by using trigger point and myofascial techniques, I am eager to continue on this path. I am a better and more confident therapist. Cathy's teaching style always encourages students to think, to question, and speculate. Her enthusiasm is contagious."


Debra Collins, LMT   
"This is Debra Collins and I work in Naples Fl and live in Fort Myers. I just love your programs and would take them over and over again if I could afford them! What I like most about your programs is all the online work you do prior to the workshop. I love getting the information in advance. So when we get to work with you it's all hands-on… I just like all the information you give to us… I loved the added touch to taking care of ourselves…I thought it was really cool how you showed us how to take care of ourselves along with taking care of others…And I really truly believe you have helped me become a better therapist… I will be taking more courses and I know I will continue learning from you…"


JoAnn Rahl, LMT  
"Improving my ability to assess is a huge thing. Now I don't waste all my time. It's not exciting for me to do relaxation work anymore. I call myself a myofascial trigger point therapist and am attracting people who want to get better and then just do maintenance."


Dr. Eileen Slack   
"Because no one's ever taught my clients that perpetuating factors were important to correct, I have made a file of the hand-outs from class and copy them for my patients. When they return for follow-ups, I check their progress."


Kerry Stewman, LMT   
"I feel like a massage evangelist. People coming into the spa are realizing what massage can do for them. A New York client with a forward head position was astounded I knew so much. I told her I just happened to be a continuing education junkie. Of everything we have covered, it seems I use the gluteus minimus and quadratus lumborum techniques on every other person."


Meg Sapp, LMT   
"I would like to say your class' system is probably the most helpful thing that I have learned as a massage therapist. The classes have given me the knowledge to go out and help my patients with pain complaints. All the posture work we do has been an enormous help. If anything, just to keep reinforcing in my mind what I need to do to maintain my own posture."


Jim Staudt, LMT   
"What I liked about the class is that it helps me to understand how much I don't know and makes me interested in finding out more things that I can do to help the clients that I have, and also to make me work safer. I like the way you teach us how to work better so we're not harming ourselves while helping other people. That's very important to me because I'm older and I'm going to have less time or be less able to recover from an injury than a younger person would. But I also like the depth that you cover with the hands-on in the classes. I think its a great idea to have the seminars before the classes so you can take the time to actually do the work and get the feel of things. It's just been really tremendous for me because when I first started in massage therapy I thought I knew what it was all about, and then I had to get out of school and find out that I didn't know anything. So this has been very helpful. Thankyou!"


Patti Reed, LMT   
"Hi, my name is Patti Reed and I am a licensed massage therapist and personal trainer in Naples, FL. I have taken all of the Beyond Trigger Points courses with Cathy Cohen. They have been the best tool I have ever learned for my practice. When people come in with different pains in parts of their body, to be able to really target where to work to get rid of their pain has just been a blessing in my practice. It has been very, very helpful! Cathy is an awesome teacher."