Low Back & Hip Unit

This unit improves your understanding of acute and chronic low back pain, piriformis syndrome, sacro-iliac dysfunction and abdominal and pelvic pain of a muscular origin. The workshop emphasizes postural and structural assessment, myofascial
and trigger point release techniques
and identifying perpetuating and
corrective factors.

Note: Module 1-4 is to be completed before the workshop. Each Module is a professional audio recording of a lecture with a study guide, a self correcting quiz and a complete transcript of the recording. Download the lectures onto your computer, an MP3 player or a CD. They are yours for a lifetime. Though not required, it is strongly recommended that students obtain Myofascial Pain & Dysfunction The Trigger Point Manual Vol 1&2 by Drs Travell and Simons.

Online lessons can be taken on their own or they can be combined with a hands-on workshops.

You will earn 4 CE hours for completion of each online unit and 15 CEUs for a 2 day workshop and 21 CEUs for a 3 day hands-on workshop.

Module 1

Gluteus Maximus & Medius

Module 2

Quadratus Lumborum
& Gluteus Minimus

Module 3

Piriformis & Iliopsoas

Module 4

Thoracolumbar, Erector Spinae,
Serratus Posterior Inferior
& Abdominals

*Cathy Cohen is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing educational provider (#450949-09). Also by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy (#50-302).