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The search for a healthcare provider who can wondrously heal frozen shoulders, chronic headaches, low back pain, tennis elbow, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, thumb pain and more can be a long and arduous task. Dr Travell said a patient will often see a multitude of specialists before a muscular pain complaint is identified.

Having practiced myofascial therapies since the eighties and having been a teacher for over a decade, I know how frustrated clients and therapists can become. Fortunately my background as a Trigger Point Myotherapist equipped me with the confidence and the skills to assess and treat myofascial pain syndromes.

"Nobody has ever helped me through my times of pain the way you have. Knowing that you were there has been such a security blanket for me." -Dianne

How have I gained this confidence? Experience yes, but also through an excellent education. From Drs Janet Travell and David Simons, the leading pioneers in myofascial pain syndromes due to trigger points, I discovered how relatively easy it is to correct a muscular problem when the perpetuating factors are addressed. From George Kousaleos, founder of CORE Structural Integration, I developed new manual tools to correct the number one perpetuating factor, posture. And from others, I learned deep tissue massage, ice and stretch techniques, neuromuscular assessment, fascial release therapy and more.

Cathy is "...a very valuable teacher and someone who brings real credibility to the massage profession here."
Jefferey, PT, LMT

As a dedicated student of ballroom dance and yoga, I suppose I am a wee bit biased to the importance of postural alignment. To me, there is no joy in moving if alignment is off. For many of our clients, there is no lasting relief from pain if the corrective actions, posture being a primary one, aren't taught to them.

All the posture work we do has been an enormous help. If anything, just to keep reinforcing in my mind what I need to do to maintain my own posture."
Meg, LMT

The evolution of Beyond Trigger Point Seminars began in the late 1990s following a phone call from a former student of mine. He was then designing a massage program for a local hospital. He said if I could train his staff on all the information from the Travell and Simons' Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction The Trigger Point Manuals, they could be helping a lot of people in pain. As a biology major from George Mason University and with 1000 hours of training in trigger point therapy from the Shaw Myotherapy Institute along with being a massage teacher and practitioner, I was a shoo-in to illuminate their path. By the end of several dozen chapters, Beyond Trigger Points Seminars had become a Florida and Nationally Certified continuing education program.

In 2008, the lecture portions of each workshop were being delivered as a distant learning program (over the telephone or computer). Elevating my student's understanding of functional anatomy, postural compensation, injurious activation, perpetuating factors and corrective action is done both online and in workshops. This allows me to live, practice and teach half the year in Florida and the other half on the road with my family and friends.

"It is inspiring to be a witness of your success and also share the industry with such a great person like yourself."

"What a great class! You are such an inspirational teacher...and so organized."

"I have so enjoyed your classes over the years. I always soak up so much from them."

"Thanks for being such a fabulous teacher and beautiful person...."

"Cathy's teaching style always encourages students to think, to question, and speculate. Her enthusiasm is contagious."
Brian, LMT

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