5 National and Florida Approved Massage Therapy CEUs

Get Hand & Arm Relief!

With these simple 20 minute video therapy sessions


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Hands hurt? Fingers ache? Wrist throbbing?
Not sure what to do? Follow these easy videos to relieve pain and improve hand health.
This scientifically proven self-therapy program gives you the do-it–yourself techniques to improve the function of your hands.*
Take charge of your own hand-health today … and incorporate this knowledge into your own massage practice.


1. Learn how to improve nerve gliding and posture with an easy 12 step movement sequence.
2. Discover more effective household tools to preserve your hands’ comfort and health.
3. Apply proven postural and ergonomic techniques for yourself and your clients.
4. Build a better home care routine easily.
5. Feel less overwhelmed and more confident in your practice!

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Download this 5 hour Continuing Education online video program now to discover how to prevent injuries, and how to manage symptoms if they occur.

In the 12 lessons of this easy-to-follow course for body workers and massage therapists of all types, you’ll discover:

How to Prevent Injuries

• How to Assess Where You Are On the Risk Scale
• How to Identify your Personal Risk Factors
• How to Leverage Your Body’s Mechanics for Improved Stability and Wellness
• The Keys to Pacing Yourself

How to Maximize Your Physical Wellness

• How to Achieve Good Posture Without Strain
• How to Motivate Yourself to Care for Yourself
• The Essential Role Your Breathing Plays
• The Expert’s Tips for Moving Freely and Safely

How to Manage Symptoms

• Fast-Track Your Recovery from Injury
• The Secrets to Minimizing Inflammation – Without Drugs
• Three Tips for Improving Sleep
• Where to Find Support



Cathy Cohen and Kandy Love are LMTs, teachers, Certified Continuing Education Providers**, writers and vivacious human beings.

Coach Cathy is founder of BeyondTriggerPoints.com, an educational program for healthcare providers, and is a leader in providing online body-therapy education to therapists nationwide.

As a healer, Dr. KT blends the natural health practices of yoga, massage, meditation and nutrition in clinical, classroom and corporate settings. These springboards empower students and clients to attain their own goals and personal potential.

Together, Coach Cathy and Dr KT have developed this unique series of systematic Continuing Education training programs for therapists.

Available now as a download for only $49!

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*As published in the Journal of American Medical Association. The study showed improved grip strength and pain reduction by following the carpal tunnel syndrome exercises shown in the videos.
**Certified by the NCBTMB (#450949-09) and Florida Board of Massage Therapy (50-302) as a continuing educational provider.

To your hand health,
Coach Cathy and Dr. KT Love