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If you plan to be a massage therapist for years to come, you'll want to do everything in your power to ensure you have a lucrative, injury-free career. Adding trigger point massage therapy to your practice is a win-win situation that satisfies your CE requirements and differentiates you in your profession.

Massage therapists who suffer from chronic injuries or work too hard for little pay typically burn out quickly. These trigger point continuing massage therapy classes prepare you to enjoy long-term success.

New hand and wrist self-care video program for massage therapists. Earn 5 CEUS.

4 Areas of Online Continuing Education Massage Study

Choose from 4 Courses of Online Continuing Education
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 Areas of trigger point massage study include:

  1. Low Back & Hip Unit
  2. Neck & Head Unit
  3. Upper Torso & Shoulder Unit
  4. Legs & Arms Unit
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Through these audio-based, online massage continuing education classes, you'll bring yourself up to a whole new level. Distinguish yourself as a highly regarded health care professional.

"Improving my ability to assess is a huge thing.
Now I don’t waste all my time. It’s not exciting
for me to do relaxation work anymore. I call
myself a myofascial trigger point therapist and
am attracting people who want to get better and
then just do maintenance."
JoAnn Rahl, LMT
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 You'll experience one "aha" moment after another as you unlock the secrets of trigger point therapy. Each Unit includes:

           4 Audio Recordings per Unit for those who prefer listening

      A Study guide to direct you through the material

      Written transcripts of each recording for for those who prefer reading

      Self-correcting quizzes give you instant feedback

      4 CEU hours per unit to fulfill your state licensing requirements

NCBTMB Approved Online Courses

All web-based units from Beyond Trigger Points are NCBTMB (#450949-09) approved online courses. Each online lesson can stand alone or work in combination with hands-on workshops to fulfill your licensing requirements. You'll earn CE hours applicable in states that recognize the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and the Florida Board of Massage (50-302).

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Flowchart: Alternate Process: Get Tuition & Enrollment Info

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Certified by the NCBTMB (#450949-09) and Florida Board of Massage Therapy (50-302) as a continuing educational provider.